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Disposable In-Line Absorbers

Materials Polyamide & PVDF Pressure Up to 8 Bar Ports 1/4” or 1/2”

Spigots Adsorbers Various Disposable In-Line Adsorbers (DIA) consist of polyamide or PVDF bodies filled with granular adsorption material with integral inlet and outlet filter pads. Two body sizes are available, containing approximately 11cc and 110cc of adsorbent. Flow rates are the same as for grade 5 elements in the same size bodies. However, with adsorption more important considerations will be the volume of adsorbent and the contact time. A range of adsorber materials are available, these are listed below. Replace the ? in the part number with the type required.

Disposable In-Line Absorbers
  Port Size Max
Ordering Information   W/P
DIA-N-1/4 1/4 Spigot 8
DIA-N-6MM 6MM Spigot 8
DIA-K-1/4 1/4 Spigot 4
DIA-K-6MM 6MM Spigot 4
DIA-LN-1/2 1/2 Spigot 8
DIA-LN-201 1/4 NPT (M) 8
DIA-LK-1/2 1/2 Spigot 4
DIA-LK-201 1/4 NPT (M) 4

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