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Absorber Columns for Granular Media

Vapour Adsorption Columns

Our in-line Adsorption Housings are for the adsorption of various vapours and gas types within a gas stream and provide a simple, low-cost solution. Adsorption columns can also be used to remove specific elements of a gas, for example acidic gases. The media can easily be replaced as the housings have a threaded connection and o-ring seals at each end. Replaceable filter pads are included to contain the media and also remove any loose particles from the granules. It is recommended to use a coalescing filter housing as a pre-filter to remove liquid aerosols and droplets.

Granular Adsorber Media

A range of granular adsorber materials are available and these are listed below. together with the principle uses. We are pleased to advise about any special applications you may have. The media is supplied in resealable plastic containers and two sizes are available, 1 litre or 4 litres

Absorber Columns for Granular Media
  Port Size Max
Ordering Information NPT W/P
Inch Bar
NAD-38-150 1/4 6
NAD-38-250 1/4 6
NAD-50-200 1/4 5
NAD-50-350 1/4 5
NAD-70-250 1/4 3
NAD-70-450 1/4 3
NAD-70-650 1/4 3
NAD-100-450 1/4 2
NAD-100-650 1/4 2

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