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63mm Dry Bottom Connection Accuracy 2.5%

For the measurement of gases only at low pressure or vacuum that are not

  • Highly viscous
  • High temperature (over 60°C) or likely to solidify/crystallize. 

Capsule gauges utilise a sensitive bellows element rather than a standard bourdon tube element enabling them to measure accurately at very low pressure or vacuum operating levels.
These gauges are designed for applications and use according to European Standard EN837-1. 

  • Standard capsule gauge.
  • Zero adjustment facility.
  • Grey enamelled steel case.
  • Push fit plastic window.
  • Brass/Bronze wetted parts.

Accuracy ±2.5% of full range.
Application For the measurement of gases only at low pressure that are not highly viscous, high temperature (over 60°C) or likely to solidify/crystallize.
Download the PDF below for full details. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

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