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HP723C (Chrome Plated Brass)

Description: A high purity single stage chrome plated brass regulator.

The HP 723C is suitable for:

  • High purity brass barstock
  • High purity gas applications
  • Research sample systems
  • Gases process analyzer gases
  • Gas chromatography
  • EPA protocol gases
  • Laser gas systems
  • Emission monitoring systems.

Recommended for gas purity levels of grade 5.0 (99.999) and higher.

Dowload the PDF below for information on this product.If you any further questions, feel free to contact us.

HP 723

Model No. Delivery pressure Inlet
Delivery Outlet Gauge
HP 723 0-15 PSIG  30" Hg Vac-30 psi/2 bar 000 (1/4" FNPT)
HP 723C 0-50 PSIG 30" Hg Vac-100 psi/7 bar 001 (1/4" MNPT)
(chrome plated) 0-125 PSIG 30" Hg Vac-200 psi/14 bar  
  0-250 PSIG 400 psi/28 bar  
  0-500 PSIG 1000 psi/70 bar  

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