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Absorber Cartridges for Housings

Vapour Adsorption

Coalescing filter elements will only remove liquid aerosols and droplets. If there is a liquid in vapour form to be removed then an adsorber cartridge should be used in an additional housing as a final stage. Adsorption cartridges can also be used to remove elements of a gas, for example acidic gases. A range of adsorber materials are available and these are listed below. 

Cartridge Types

We have three different styles of adsorber cartridge available – each designed for a particular filter housing. The AD and AT types can be installed into a standard housing. The AS is designed for small stainless steel housings and to install this type the housing tie rod should be removed. Refer to the housing data sheets to select the correct size and type of cartridge required.

Absorber Cartridges for Filter Housings
Ordering Information Temp
AD 50
AT 50
AS 50

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