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Compact Single Stage Pressure Reducing

The AURA EXC is a general purpose regulator that provides accurate and reliable pressure control of gases and liquids up to inlets of 5500 psig where space is at a premium. AURA’s encapsulated seat design consolidates the numerous moving internal components of a standard regulator into one single piece, allowing for ease of maintenance and minimizing potential failure points. Protected by a 10-micron 360° filter, the encapsulated seat provides significantly more filtration of impurities than the standard pressed-in disk. The encapsulated seat also filters damaging particles from all inlet ports rather than just the pipeline port. Available with multiple seat materials and orifice sizes, the EXC’s capsule ensures optimum performance in any application worldwide. 
The EXC’s ultra-compact design minimizes weight and footprint to allow for easy integration into a system or cabinet. The all metal construction ensures long life cycle in harsh environments. The AURA EXC is assembled in a Class 100 clean room as a complete assembly with all gauges, fittings, and valves attached. The complete assembly is cleaned for oxygen service and is 100% helium leak checked. Additionally, the EXC undergoes multiple flow and function tests to ensure the highest level of purity and durability.
Available with Dursan® LS inert and anti-corrosive technology that provides superior corrosive resistance versus exotic metals in highly acidic or caustic applications, the EXC is an economical choice for applications requiring compact components.

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