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Back Pressure Reducing

The AURA EXB back pressure regulator provides adjustable relief of excess pressure in closed loop systems caused by spikes in inlet pressure up to 500 psig. AURA’s dual surface diaphragm or dynamic cartridge sensing elements increase the precision and flexibility of pressure control. This allows the end user to accurately throttle excess pressure from the system, whereas standard relief devices only provide open and close functions.
AURA’s proprietary machining process yields surface finishes of 4-25 Ra designed to reduce corrosion. The AURA EXB is assembled in a Class 100 clean room as a complete assembly with all gauges, fittings, and valves attached. The complete assembly is cleaned for oxygen service and is 100% helium leak checked. Additonally, the EXB undergoes multiple flow and function tests to ensure the highest level of purity and durability. 
Available with Dursan® LS inert and anti-corrosive technology that provides superior corrosive resistance versus exotic metals in highly acidic or caustic applications, the AURA EXB back pressure regulator is the choice for accurate and reliable excess pressure control. 

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