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250mm Glycerine Fillable Bottom or Back Connection

Large 250mm diameter gauges are built to order.
Vacuum, compound (vacuum and pressure combined) and pressure ranges up to 1000 bar can be supplied with standard scale dials or special dials to customer specification.  Can be glycerine filled if required.
304 stainless steel case with brass/bronze internals / wetted parts as standard but 316L stainless steel internals /wetted parts are optional for more aggressive mediums.
Available in following mounting configurations;

Bottom connection – direct
Bottom connection – with surface mounting 3 hole back flange
Back connection – direct
Back connection – with panel mounting 3 hole front flange
Back connection – with panel mounting flange and bracket  

Standard accuracy is Class 1 (±1.0% of full scale) but Class 0.5 (±0.5% of full scale) is optional.

These gauges can also be built to "Full Safety Pattern" construction if the application requires.

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