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LF-550, High pressure inlet and outlet (Stainless Steel)

Designed with precision machined sensing elements to allow fine pressure control on pressures up to 414bar. 
Two piston sensors combined with two spring ranges, provide 4 outlet control options with a combination of low torque adjustment and excellent sensitivity. 
A self venting design and optional ratio loaded actuator makes it an ideal regulator for use with electro-pneumatic controllers for automated pressure control. 


  • Test and calibration systems 
  • Aircraft charging carts 
  • Diving applications 
  • Automated pressure cycling  
  • Gas assisted plastic injection systems 


  • 690bar / 10000psi inlet pressure 
  • Precision machined sensing elements 
  • Load bearings and large handwheel for low torque adjustment 
  • Excellent sensitivity 
  • Self venting and non venting options

Download the PDF below for further details. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

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