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A Full range of elbows, tees and crosses are available for all of the tubing connection sizes.

Material is high tensile 316 stainless steel.

Standard tubing glands and collars are provided unless otherwise specified.

Reducing Coupling, Imperial (Inch)
Ordering Information Tube Size
HPRU10K-4H-4M-SOG 1/4 H/P X 1/4 M/P
HPRU10K-4H-6M-SOG 1/4 H/P X 3/8 M/P
HPRU10K-4H-9M0SOG 1/4 H/P X 9/16 M/P
HPRU10K-4H-12M-SOG 1/4 H/P X 3/4 M/P
HPRU10K-6H-4M-SOG 3/8 H/P X 1/4 M/P
HPRU10K-6H-6M-SOG 3/8 H/P X 3/8 M/P
HPRU10K-6H-9M-SOG 3/8 H/P X 9/16 M/P
HPRU10K-6H-12M-SOG 3/8 H/P X 3/4 M/P
HPRU10K-9H-4M-SOG 9/16 H/P X 1/4 M/P
HPRU10K-9H-6M-SOG 9/16 H/P X 3/8 M/P
HPRU10K-9H-9M-SOG 9/16 H/P X 9/16 M/P
HPRU10K-9H-12M-SOG 9/16 H/P X 3/4 M/P

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