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FMD 530 (Stainless Steel)

Single-stage for:

  • Inert, Reactive, Flammable and Oxidizing gases
  • Gas mixtures in purity max. 6.0,
  • Cylinder pressure 315 bar/ 4500 psi,
  • Downstream pressure range 0.5 – 200 bar / 7 – 2900 psi

Type -14 for: 
•    300 bar cylinders diaphragm regulator
•    DTEX compliant adjustment knobs

The FMD 530-14 consists of a cylinder connection, pressure regulator body, upstream and downstream pressure
gauges, relief valve (by downstream pressure >50bar RV on request) and outlet tube fittings. The use of contact
gauge (accessories) in conjunction with alarm box (accessories) facilitates the monitoring of gas reserves.


  • The cylinder pressure regulator series MD 530 has a broad range of uses and excellent performance.
  • Type-14 is the basic model for independent gas supply with 300 bar cylinder.
  • The type-16 allows shut-off/opening of the gas flow while maintaining the pressure regulator’s adjustment and
  • Type-18 allows for pressure regulating as well as a finer control of gas flow.

FMD 530

Type Material Upstream Pressure Downstream Pressure Inlet Outlet Contact Gauge Gas Type
FMD 530-14 BC= Brass Chrome-plated G = 315 bar/4500psi 6=0.5 – 6 bar/7-85 psi DIN 0=npt 1/4"F 0=Without Please Specify
FMD 530-16   14=1-14bar/15-150psi ANSI CL3** Ki=with
FMD 530-18 SS = Stainless Steel   28=2.5-28 bar/35-400psi AFNOR CL6 (Standard)  
      50=2.5-50bar/35-720psi NBN CL 1/8"  
      200=10-200bar/150-2900psi (not Type -18) BS 341 CL 1/4"  
      CGA NO6  

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